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Welcome to my wedding page. I hope you enjoy the above video, taken from a select number of images from my most recent weddings.

Before we discuss costs and the amount of time I spend at your wedding, I would really like to just tell you a little about myself and how I feel about photographing weddings.

I feel very honoured and privileged when invited to photograph a couple's wedding day. Its a very special day in their life, one of the most memorable and having been there and got the T-Shirt, I know how important it is to the both of you, that not only the day goes smoothly, but all the happiness, emotion and fun are captured.

Sure, I will be capturing the traditional photographs that everyone knows and loves, such ring shots, shoe shots, trinkets, the detail shots, bridesmaids and best men and all the group shots you could want - all these will be captured without question - but my main focus will be capturing things as they happen, the fun things, the tears and smiles. These are the photographs that really count. Moments that cannot be repeated, emotions that cannot be faked. 

We can do posing photographs or not. That is your choice and I make it a non-pressure, fun time - so posed photographs is encouraged. Simple, easy poses that reflect how you both feel for each other, just adds those finishing touches to a perfect day - your perfect day.


£1599.00 - to record the whole day, the fun, tears, laughter and everything in between.

Some couples ask "Why is wedding photography so expensive? I can just get my friend/relative who has a DSLR or expensive mobile phone to do it - heck I could buy 100 disposable camera's, hand them out and get everyone to take the photo's - or even pay another wedding photographer half that price - why £1600 and not even a print or album for that price?"

Let me explain. [Click here if you want to skip the explanation as you're happy with the price and want to continue reading]

Aside from the planning involved and pre-wedding meeting, I will be shooting your wedding from the bridal preparations through until well into the evening (typically through until approx 9pm.)

You don't just hire me for the day either, when the big day is over for you and you are off on your honeymoon for a bit of relaxation, I will be busy working on your images for 10-14 days after (approx 80 hours), preparing them for when you get back.

The price also includes an engagement shoot. This is taken a month or more before your actual wedding and the date is agreed by both parties.
Now - you work, I work - we cannot work for less than a reasonable wage - agree? You pay the HRMC tax - so do I - and its a lot, just like you. I also have costs associated with the Wedding Photography, from dry-cleaning my suit (I dont turn up in a t-shirt and jeans - I am a professional and therefore look and act like one), travelling expenses, camera wear and tear (yes - they dont last forever and have a limited life-span to advertising and my accountant bill. The computer I use has to be changed every few years ,simply because of onwards moving technology and wear and tear of hard-drives, back-up hard-drives, custom USB sticks as part of the wedding package, custom magnetic boxes as part of the wedding package, keyboards, mouse, screen(s) (I have 2, calibrated monitors) I have insurance costs, not only Public Liability Insurance but also Equipment insurance. I normally carry around £10k of equipment - it can easily be dropped or damaged on the day - dont worry - I dont have just one camera - I have 2, one as a backup in case the other fails. It is very unlikely that both cameras will fail on the same day. I have multiple-memory cards, each one, containing a particular section of the day that I photograph. In the very unlikely event that a card will fail (I change them every year) I can send that failed memory card off to a specialist (at my cost) to recover the data - meanwhile, I will still have 80%-90% of your photographs intact and being worked on while the failed card is being repaired. A Wedding Photographer doesnt just "push" buttons either, I have had thousands of hours of tutoring and experience shooting many many weddings - so if you want to go cheap and use a friend or relative - expect no guarantees whatsoever that your images will be professional, let alone capture the essence of your most precious and special day (and expensive day that you dont want to just "pray" that it is recorded properly for the lifetime of viewing you will want out of them.
Your other options, aside from using a friend or relative, who isn't insured to cover your big day - especially if they dont turn up on the day is to purchase lots and lots of disposable camera's and let your family and/or guests take shots of the day. Brilliant idea. Just a few things you may want to consider though...

For starters, flash is not normally allowed in the Church or Cathedral, as a Wedding Photographer, I tend to be able to get to certain places that your friends or family could not, places where I can get unique photographs that your friends or family cannot. My specialist professional equipment allows me to shoot almost in the dark or at least very poor lighting conditions and get superb professional quality photographs
Another problem with disposable camera's is that you're most likely going to get maybe 100 or more of them. One for each guests or each pair of guests. Guess what. Thats going to set you back £200-£400 just to start with. Then you have to pay for each of those to be processed - thats another £3-£5 for just "6x4"s and I can bet (from experience of hearing people who had this done) that you will get (maybe) 1 or 2 images per camera that are "ok" - i.e. not blurred/out of focus - but when I say "ok" - Im talking not even the quality of a mobile camera phone (which I will get into shortly). So its pretty disappointing to say the least. Imagine your excitement on the day when all of the film has been developed and you go through each packet to find very few are decent - and worse still, they're just selfies and none of the both of you! Thats cost you £600-£800 just literally thrown into the bin. The final problem with disposable camera's, is that not every one will actually use the 24 or 32 photographs available on the camera and a few guests may even not use it at all and just forget about taking the photographs or just take them home. Dont gamble with your special day.
The last thing you may be considering, is using mobile phone photographs. Everyone has a mobile phone - its so common place that it would be silly not to think about getting everyone to use their phones to take your special day photographs. Again - its a brilliant idea but in practice - not so brilliant. This is why.
Your mates, your in-laws, your cousins etc.. all have nice Samsung/Sony or Apple phones - some costing upwards of £500 to as much as £1000. Heck - if they have a £1000 phone the camera must be almost as good as a professional's - and I can pop it in my pocket. Not like that big hulking camera with a super-long lens - its all just for show isn't it.
No - its not. Your camera on your phone, is part of a phone, the hardware. Also, it has software on there, that uses the hardware so that you can do things like call people with voice or video, use facebook or twitter, have front and back camera access for taking photos with digital-zoom (note the word digital) and such. Its an all-in-one wonder machine and if you could take it back to the 1980's, you would seem like time traveller the distant future !
Well, your £500, £600 - £1000 mobile phone manufacturer, isn't skimping on making a profit from your phones. Thats why they release a new model every year - if it wasn't a money making idea for the manufacturers, they would be selling them for about £120 - and thats for the highest priced mobile phone. Thats how much they are actually "worth", if you were to build one yourself from the parts. The other £800 or £900 that they make is split up into development of the phone (engineers who sort out all the electronics software engineers), advertising, paying management and giving a return to the investors and stock-owners and more.
So the camera on your phone is probably actually worth between £40 and £70. Yep. Thats all the camera hardware is worth - you have a tiny little lens and an even smaller light-sensitive sensor that has a physical limitation in the real world, on the quality of images you can capture. You can buy a same or better small-pocket camera for about £70-£90 that will get you same or better images than your camera on your phone.
The final two limitations with camera phones are zoom quality and image quality for large prints. For starters - you're not going to want the half dozen or dozen photographs on your wedding day in small prints are you - you will want nice large canvas or HD metal canvas or photographic prints, proudly on the walls in your home. Try printing a camera phone image on a 40"x30" print - it will look ok from about 20 feet away but when you get nearer, all the detail just disappears - because its not there. Professional camera equipment (not £300 camera's but £1200 or £3000 or even £10,000 camera's - and thats not even the lens that goes onto the camera) can capture the most intricate of detail, from the material of the wedding dress to the suit stitching. At 20 feet away, you're not going to see it either way (unless you're going for HUGE prints) but the closer you get to that large print you bought, the more detail you want to see in your photo - from the tear running down mum's face or the sparkle in your partner's eye to the proud look your dad is giving the bride for being such a beautiful daughter on this most special day) - you just cannot compare a mobile phone to a professional camera, with a high-quality lens attached and someone who knows how to use the camera making those images.
This is why professional Wedding Photography is not cheap - it certainly is much more than just pushing a button to take a photograph and its not because someone is trying to take advantage of you by charging a small fortune on your wedding day.
It is because you are hiring a professional, who will work tirelessly over those two weeks to make your wedding photographs the best thing (aside from kids when you have them, or if you already have them of course) that you will invest in, for the course of your lifetime together.

The engagement shoot (click here for an example) takes around an hour, most of that will be us chatting about your special day, finding out about your expectations of your photographer, how I work and how you can just be left to enjoy your wedding day. The rest of it will be to take some photographs, this will allow you to walk away feeling confident about your photographer and to have some digital images to show off to your friends, family and guests of your upcoming special day. 

You will receive digital copies of the engagement shoot via a download link, to use as you wish, such as banners/invitations for your upcoming wedding. These images will also be included on the USB stick of your wedding photographs.


CDHPIX Wedding PhotographyYour digital images will be given to you on a USB stick in a presentation flip-top box


Your wedding day itself, will have full coverage from bridal preparation, covering "cutting of the cake", first dance and your guests enjoying themselves for around an hour into the evening.

I shoot a mixture of journalistic and creative styles, recording your day as it happens "as it is" along with any pose-type photographs throughout the day, where you have permitted time to do this and are happy to do this. There is no pressure to do pose-type photographs, if you just want a journalistic photography event, that is fine. It is your wedding.

In the evening, I utilise some props to encourage participation by guests not normally wanting to be photographed. This makes getting "everyone" involved so much easier - not many people like having their photograph taken but you will find me a very approachable person and without any pressure, your guests will be happy to have their photograph taken.

I will capture those tearful, joyful and funny moments as they happen throughout the whole of the day.

No limit to number of photographs taken throughout the day. Typically, anything from 250 to 400 hand-processed images, depending on amount of guests. Images are usually delivered within 14 days from the date of the wedding.

Images will delivered on a USB stick, full resolution, in a presentation box, sent by recorded delivery direct to an address of your choosing. A set of back-up DVD Discs will also be sent, these won't be in a pretty presentation box like the USB memory stick but are purely for backup purposes only so you have two sets of all of your wedding photographs.

A duplicate set in Black and White will also be provided on the USB stick and backups DVD discs - at no extra cost, so you have more choice of what to share and what to get printed.

Another duplicate set of both the colour and black and white conversions, will also be produced on your USB Stick in low-resolution format to allow easy storage on your mobile phone or to upload and share on social media. These lower resolution images are still good enough to print at 7"x5" in full quality - so although they are a lower resolution - they still look fantastic, just not "poster" printable like the original full resolution images I will be sending to you.

Full reproduction rights are also included with your images to allow you the freedom to print and share as many times as you wish, for life at no extra cost to yourselves. This of course, includes sharing your wedding photographs with the guests, family and friends.

An online gallery will also be made of your wedding album(s), permanently stored in "the cloud". You are free to choose to print images using the files you will be given or order prints online. That is your choice.

Increasingly, more couples like to source their own album and print work - and this is why you only see one price - for a full day of digital images supplied to do with as you please.

Albums and Prints come at an additional charge, though you do not have to have them - you can source prints and albums yourselves. However, if you do not want to go sourcing your own album, I can supply a quality Wedding-Album, with prints for £150 and Italian style Albums from £279. I will not try and sell you these, it is down to yourself to let me know if you are interested.

How do I book?

A small deposit of £250 secures your date, deducted from your overall Wedding photography cost. Payments can be spread as you prefer, leading upto 6 weeks prior to the wedding date itself. There are no additional fees or interest rates for spreading your wedding photography payments - this gives you a huge advantage in managing your wedding budget.

I can cover your wedding anywhere in the UK. Within 60 miles of Telford, there is no transport charge. Outside of the 60 mile radius of Telford, there is a surcharge of 50p per mile to cover transportation costs.

Please feel free to check out my last 4 weddings, in blog format, below:

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What are you waiting for? Call me on 07854 083389 or email me at and I will make your wedding day - a wedding day to remember.

What else can you supply to me on my wedding evening?

If you would like extended hours, through until Midnight, why not hire the CDHPIX Wedding "Photobooth" - this is a white-studio background (light powered) set up at your venue where the wedding photographer will have a box of fun-props that any guests can come up, do a pose (groups if necessary) and get FREE 8"x6" prints made there and then, mounted and in protective bags to take home on the night! This is for a maximum of 4 hours, unlimited prints and such a fun add-on to your wedding (the wedding booth is for hire, even if you dont hire CDHPIX for your main wedding photography!). £400 including studio setup, 4 hours of labour, printing at your venue, Free prints for you and your guests, mounted and bagged. Using a your wedding photographer rather than a machine-managed photobooth mean you get perfect prints everytime!

CDHPIX also provide at no extra cost, a ton of wigs, giant novelty glasses and fancy dress accessories  that will get everyone involved and give you some truly, unforgettable evening photographs.

If you use CDHPIX as your main wedding photography - your extended Photo-Booth hire is reduced by £50 down to £350 - PLUS you get all the digital images from the photo booth - included in your wedding photographs!

Another loved item, is a personalised Wedding Slideshow video - just like the one at the top of this page, except it will contain the best of your wedding day - you can even choose the music. The video will be converted to play on your DVD player and comes with a shining menu system, relative to your wedding. This is just £120 extra.

Please feel free to telephone me on 07854 083389 or text me, email or visit my facebook page at and drop me a message. I will contact you back as soon as possible.

Alternatively, just click on this link to use the built-in form to email me direct : Click here