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Now you may be thinking 'what the heck', but insurance companies will try and not pay out when it comes to your valuables (or anything for that matter), see the news link below.

You can book and appointment to visit CDHPIX at a time of your convenience and get your jewellery or classic vehicle photographed in a purpose-built product/macro environment (or for car, at your home) with professional macro equipment, showing all detail, authentication stamps etc.. No one wants to be burgled or lose jewellery on holiday but for £60 (automotive is £230), which includes a full set of digital images, you can authenticate your valuables with photographic proof. Sure you can do it with a mobile phone, but you will not be able to pick up all the detail that you need to prove the value/see stamps/distinctive markings.

Give me call or text (I will ring you back) on 07854 083389 or email me at

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