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If your business sells products, whether they are manufactured in-house, grown or "bought-in" then you want them to "jump" off the webpage - whether it is food that you want the viewer to almost taste/smell to a product that has complex mechanics or electrical components that you want to detail, CDHPIX can cover your commercial product photography needs utilising lighting and backgrounds that are suited to make the product more attractive.

Why should I use CDHPIX and not simply purchase stock photos?

A couple of reasons: Price - you may find that you end up spending more than what it would cost to have a bespoke, unique set of images that are not available on stock photo sites.

Many many websites/competitors will be using existing stock photographs that are the same as what you would purchase. When I customer visits your website, they have most likely visited many other websites of your competitors. The last thing you want them to see, is that you and another company are using stock-photos that (1) do not represent your product/brand and (2) show that you are not willing enough or even confident enough to actually show off your own product/brand. It lacks that professional touch as opposed to showing real photographs of your products/brand to the world and say "here is what we do, this is an actual photograph of what we produce".

The photographs you commission CDHPIX to do for you - are your photographs - they will not be displayed anywhere else in the world and are uniquely identified with your brand. 

CDHPIX Commercial Photography pricing includes usage - this means you will be quoted a price for the work undertaken, processing applied and are able to use the image you have purchased for a long as you need, on any medium you require. We will not hold you back on using the image to promote your business - we want you to come back and work with us again and again. A business relationship built on trust and a mutual goal of promoting your business.

How will CDHPIX help promote my business?

In a lot of cases, CDHPIX can bring a studio to your premises, set it up in a natural environment and capture your products where it looks most attractive. Otherwise, your products can be photographed at our custom-built product studio in Jackfield, Nr Ironbridge Shropshire. 

If you are a wine-producer, nothing says "wine" more than a bottle, a glass, some grapes and a fantastic background consisting of your wine vats - all beautifully lit to set that mood. That would be a good example where we would visit yourselves - you're not just promoting the product - you're promoting your business premises and manufacturing process.

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