CDHPIX | Bryan and Simone Engagement Shoot taken at Ironbridge Shropshire

Bryan and Simone Engagement Shoot taken at Ironbridge Shropshire

March 08, 2015

CDHPIX Engagement Shoot


Part of the CDHPIX all-day wedding package, is a complimentary engagement-shoot.

The engagement shoot is basically a pre-wedding meeting between myself and the couple getting married. It involves a discussion about your upcoming wedding day, what expectations you have, whether you are after posed or reportage style photography or a laid-back approach to capture emotion and all the fun.


Its your wedding and I will photograph it in the method you prefer. The engagement shoot also allows me to take some photographs of you, at a location of your choice. The meeting takes around 1 hour, with the photographs mixed-in between chatting.

The results of the engagement shoot allows you to see what I can do for you and to show you that you will look amazing on your wedding day and one very important thing - not to worry about your photographs - that is why you have hired me - to look after your special day by capturing amazing moments of emotion, fun and love. You just enjoy your day.

So, on a very sunny Saturday afternoon near The Boat, Jackfield (nr Ironbridge) we chatted about Bryan and Simone's expected day, what they wanted of me and what I would do for them. Bryan and Simone were a very relaxed, laid back couple who didn't want a posed-wedding day, but wanted all the special moments captured, on that special day when they both give themselves over to the other, in marriage.

These are the results of the engagement session, some fun photographs along with some photographs that just simply say, "I love you".

When you get your engagement images (within 48 hours of me taking them) you receive the full resolution images, a set in a beautiful black and white, a smaller resolution set that can be stored on your mobile phone or uploaded onto Facebook for easy sharing. They are your images. You can use them to get prints, you can share them with whomever you wish. You may get invitation cards or banners made from them. They are my gift to you.









When you suggest to a couple that you can do some very fun shots with Multiplicity, you know that on the day, you are going to be capturing a LOT of smiling and laughing. Multiplicity is the technique used to capture one or more persons, multiple times and place them in a single photograph. Bryan and Simone were up for 3 lovely (but very funny) multiplicity shots, below:




I am more than happy to provide similar shots for yourselves, with a different theme, unique to your personalities.


Finally, just a couple of examples of the beautiful black and white conversions I will also do for you. For your wedding package, these are also done and included on your USB stick/DVD disc of images of your wedding. There is no restrictions on your images, you may copy, share and print as much as you want. Give them to guests, share them on the internet, print them as many times as you wish, using any supplier you wish. Just, please, dont forget to tell them Carl Harrison of CDHPIX took your images.



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