CDHPIX | Katie, Lee and their family - Equestrian/Family Horses Photography Session - Shropshire

Katie, Lee and their family - Equestrian/Family Horses Photography Session - Shropshire

September 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

In the 3rd week of September 2014, I had the pleasure of being commissioned to do some work for Katie and Lee, who lived in the countryside of Staffordshire. The work was to photograph their horses as naturally as can be, as well as some posed shots.

It turned out, we didn't need any posed shots as there was such a strong bond between the animals and their owners that simply asking them to pet-their horses, like they would normally, ended up getting some beautiful moments captured, of the "family".

There were also two dogs, German Shepherds, absolutely beautiful and so friendly (I do love dogs). Honey, a female GSD and Merlin, a male GSD. Although they were both fairly old (over 10 years old) - you could hardly tell, the best years of their lives had certainly not passed as they ran about, wagging their tails and playing while the photo session began.

Here is a photo of Merlin, chilled in his basket with his tongue poking out, made a great opportunity to grab a photo.


Honey, below very friendly and full of energy.

Next were the 3 horses Katie and Lee owned.
Trooper, an ex-race horse, previously named Carrick Troop.
Sid, also an ex-racehouse, previously named Wing Collar. The photograph below was taken when Trooper was brought into the same field as Sid - he just becomes very playful so here was a chance to do a panning shot to show the type of speed Sid was doing.
Trooper and Sid, have a fantastic bond between them, almost like they were brothers. Looking out for each other and forever wanting to be with each other.
The third horse, Ryan was not a ex-racehorse and has a great personality. Ryan was quite happy doing "ryan's thing", which was getting a good scratching off his owners or a free back-rub with a tree on the far side of Katie and Lee's property. Here is a photo of Ryan, getting one of his back scratches off Lee.
The whole photo session, not including a nice chat pre-shoot with a cup of coffee (cheers Lee!), meeting the Honey and Merlin took around an hour. It was a fairly relaxed session with a couple of standing poses but mainly shots of the Katie and Lee doing what they normally do with the animals so everything is just natural images.
Here are a few of my favourites, of Katie and Trooper.
Although Lee didn't really want his photograph taken, his bond with the horses was something not to be missed to be honest, so apologies to Lee for taking the photographs but I honestly think the session would not have been complete if he were not involved.
Lee with Sid and Trooper, though Lee was running a bit short of treats as both horses were determined to empty his pockets!



Katie with Trooper and Sid.

A few photographs of Katie with Sid. For some reason, all of the horses, at some stage poked out their tongue at me. I am not going to say no to a photograph like that :)
Ryan, coming over to see what all the fuss was about after his tree-scratch/rubbing session.

Ryan getting another free back-scratch, from Lee.

Another shot of Sid, checking out what I am doing. 
Thanks for taking a look at my blog about Katie, Lee and their family. If you wish to have a horse portrait, (all pets welcome) please get in touch. or 07854 083389 or pop onto facebook at and drop me a message.


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